Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kadha Parayumbol

Kadha Parayumbol is a 2007 Indian film directed by M. Mohanan, and written and co-produced by Sreenivasan. It was a commercial and critical success. The basic premise of the story is all about friendship - that too a rare one, between a village barber and the reigning super star of Malayalam cinema. Sreenivasan who also scripts the movie appear in the lead as Balan, the village barber while Mammootty played as superstar Ashok Raj.

Magnificent and heart touching performance of mammootty in climax scenes were well accepted by the audiences of kerala. His fans watched the movie multiple times to see his wonderful performance. No one can replace his role and he proved that he is the only great super star in Malayalam to do this role.

Following the Blockbuster success of the film, directors from other film industries, highly impressed with the film, were eager to remake this film in the Tamil, Hindi and Kannada. Vasu had altered the story to fit Rajnikanth's extended role as to what Mammootty had done in the original but the film did only an average business in Tamil and Telugu.

In Hindi, Shah Rukh Khan who was highly impressed with the film that he signed onto the Hindi remake directed by Priyadarshan and named as “Billu” which earned Rs.23.65 crore during its first six weeks. Box Office India rated the film an "average" box office success.

In its 80th day run, movie fetched a gross of RS 11.6 crore at kerala box office. In Trivandrum, 80 days it collected nearly 52.5 Lakhs, Ernakulam 69.8 Lakhs and Calicut more than 50 Lakhs.
Katha Parayumbol celebrated 100 days in 14 centres. This is the first instance in the last five years, in which a film is able to celebrate its hundredth day in more than twelve centers.
Katha Parayumbol grossed more than Rs 56 lakhs from Ramya in Trivandrum in 100 days.

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